Thoughts on CEIC 2010

The CEIC Welcome Event

Guidance Software hosted another amazing Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC).  This was my fifth CEIC and I believe the best I have attended.

My personal favorite conferences are CEIC and the Paraben Forensic Innovation Conferencec.  For those interested in the interaction between data collection to e-Discovery, both are must attend events. 

Larry Gill from Guidance recognizing Andrew Drake, Esq., for excellence in e-Discovery.

CEIC had an active e-discovery track, adding sessions with electronic evidence statesmen such as Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck and Browning Marean, Esq.  Both were first time attendees and offered excellent content. 

I enjoyed the e-Discovery Caselaw Update and Best Practices seminar.  The message highlighted the lessons learned from major litigation hold cases from this year.  I was particularly interested in the discussion over cloud computing.  There is a collision with IT and Records Managers who want to push storage of data up to a cloud.  This short term cost savings can be ripped apart with complex preservation and collection costs.  Any such decisions for storing data in the “Cloud” should not be made in a vacuum without considering litigation costs. 

e-Discovery Caselaw Update & Best Practices Panel

D4 and kCura hosted a social hour where kCura Relativity 6.0 was showcased.  The event was well attended and the newest version of Relativity has impressive analytical tools.  Thanks to Paraben, D4 & kCura built a Relativity database with text messages.  Relativity 6.0 demonstrated how electronically stored information is beyond simple email messages or Excel files with text messages telling a story attorneys would need to weave together in review. 

The Show Floor and the D4 Booth

I presented on “Textual Relations,” a seminar on text message litigation.  I enjoyed being able to discuss some of the newest caselaw on texting with attendees in law enforcement, IT and legal. 

I congratulate Guidance Software on another great conference.  I look forward to CEIC 2011 in Orlando. 


I am a D4 employee.  Guidance, kCura and Paraben are partners with D4.

Josh Gilliland is a California attorney who focuses his practice on eDiscovery. Josh is the co-creator of The Legal Geeks, which has made the ABA Journal Top Blawg 100 Blawg from 2013 to 2016 and was nominated for Best Podcast for the 2015 Geekie Awards. Josh has presented at legal conferences and comic book conventions across the United States. He also ties a mean bow tie.