1. Excellent article and well done blog. Note one small typo near the end, “For those not conceived,” should be “not convinced.”

    As to the argument, of course the producers could have just copied the paper and left it as paper and produced as paper. Then the judge was right, but if they in fact scanned it into a digital database and then printed it out again, which is what I presume happened here based on your comments, then I am inclined to agree with your criticisms and analysis.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. As to your choice of a bow tie, might I presume you also wear suspenders and read too much?


    1. Thank you for the comments and the second set of eyes.

      I do read too much, and sometimes wear braces, but not suspenders. I did have a set of Mork suspenders as a child, but those days are long gone.