Mock Motion in Limine Arguments to Exclude ESI

Michael Berman, Esq., of Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC, argued to excluded email messages and a voice mail at the CT Summation Best Practices Summit, held in Washington, DC on May 20th, 2008.

 The Best Practices Summit included a mock motion in limine hearing.  In the fictional case, the Plaintiffs attempted to prove breach of contract and break of fiduciary duty with email messages, native file contracts and a voice mail.  The Defendants sought to exclude these exhibits on admissibility grounds.

 Watch Mr. Berman’s arguments to see the admissibility challenges to the electronically stored information.  Also note, on the right screen you can see CT Summation iBlaze with a Real Time transcript and on the left screen the exhibits presented with Trial Director by inData Corporation.