iConect User Conference

I attended the iConect User Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last month. I have been a guest lecturer for several iConect webinars and it was great to meet many from the team in person.

The Conference was content driven, with a keynote by Chris Dale of the e-Disclosure Information Project.  Chris is always a great speaker, sharing his history of practicing law, getting involved with technology and where eDiscovery is going. Chris did warn that law schools are not preparing students enough on eDiscovery.

e-Discovery luminary Browning Marean from DLA Piper spoke on litigation holds and preservation. Browning is a classy presenter, who could have been a sports broadcaster in another life, and highlighted the major issues in preservation.

A “dramatically lit” Browning Marean presenting on litigation holds.

Cindy Williams, CEO of iConect, invited me to moderate a panel discussion on the Future of Review. The panel had an all-star line-up, including Mikki Tomlinson of the EDJ Group Inc, Vivian Tero of IDC, Chris Dale and Browning Marean.

The Future of Review panel had the following takeaways:

Attorneys will always practice law

Technology will enable review to go faster and take fewer “big firm” attorneys to conduct discovery review

Law schools are not preparing future attorneys with the education they need on eDiscovery

New technologies, currently used by government agencies, will change eDiscovery, such as with facial recognition software for photos and video

I enjoyed seeing several demonstrations of iConect’s XERA. I was impressed with their YouTube video of using XERA on the iPad.

I appreciate iConect inviting me to their conference and look forward to attending next year.