1. Great article! I completely agree with you’ve outlined here having worked as a paralegal, litigation support manager and now (full disclosure) a product manager at here at Fios, Inc. I’ve seen first-hand counsel trying to save money just as outlined in this case study and it usually falls to the paralegals to straighten it out. I’ve even seen them print everything out to conduct the review in paper because they felt it was faster and easier to put a lot of people in front of boxes rather than messing with eDiscovery. It usually was much more time consuming since you can’t search and categorize paper documents as easily as you can with a database.

    One additional note: The defense in this case study could have also reviewed the documents without buying a full document review system. Fios has a Software as a Service (SaaS) based product called, “Fios On Request” that allows people to pay by the GB without having to purchase nodes or seat licenses (they are unlimited). Cost is just $249 a GB and you can upload your documents via the web and start reviewing within 24-hours. Everything including the Terms of Service are all handled through the web.

    I know there is a number of other Software as a Service (SaaS) based products that work in a similar fashion. It’s always nice to have a number of solutions to choose from when faced with such a complex problem with little time to react.

    Again, thanks for the great article!